The Benefits of the Pop Up Pet Door

 It’s an absolute joy to own a dog. While they come with their fair share of frustrations and difficulties, ultimately, their benefits outweigh their negatives. Who doesn’t love the loyalty and unconditional love of a dog? Who doesn’t cherish going outside and watching them play? Dogs have earned their title as “Man’s Best Friend” for a reason, and we can relate with any dog owner who wants the very best for their pet.

That’s why we’ve created Pop Up Pet Door! Any dog owner knows how essential it is for their pup to have access to the great outdoors, especially in their puppy years. Dogs benefit greatly from having access to a yard. It allows them to run around and get their energy out, it gives them a place to go potty, and it also allows them to make messes in the way that only dogs can — outside of your home.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Dogs can’t open doors, and installing a pet door can be a costly or even non-viable option, depending on whether or not you’re renting. As dog owners who struggled for years with traditional pet doors, we decided enough was enough, and we created the Pop Up Pet Door. This pet door is lightweight, affordable, easy-to-install, easily-removable, and easy-to-store. Keep reading to learn why Pop Up Pet Door is the dog door you never knew you always wanted.

Why You Need a Pet Door

For many dog owners, this section is common knowledge. But in order to understand what makes Pop Up Pet Door so great, it’s important to understand why you need a dog door in the first place. If you’re here on our website, you’re probably already considering one, so that’s a start. But if you’re on the fence about getting a dog door — any type of dog door — here are some reasons why it’s highly beneficial to have one.

No More Micromanaging Potty Sessions

Potty training a puppy isn’t exactly fun, but it’s also not terribly difficult for most dogs. As long as you’re always taking them out when they need to do their business, they’ll eventually associate the outdoors as the place they need to go potty. Many dogs understand a verbal command to go potty, while many others will let you know when they need to go out.

For obvious reasons, having a doggie door makes this so much easier for pet owners. Instead of hearing your dog whine and whimper in the ungodly hours of the night, they can simply step outside at will. It’s a huge relief having a dog that’s trained to do their personal business outside, with an easy means of access. When you have a doggie door, your dog’s potty business is as easy as it is with cats and litter boxes.

Let Out That Puppy Energy

This is another area where a major pain point of having a dog can self-automate itself. Dogs — especially those in their puppy years — have outrageous amounts of pent up energy stored in their tiny little bodies. Though humans fatigue really quickly, sometimes it seems like your dog can run ten miles in circles before they show any signs of exhaustion. The onus is on the pet owner to take the dog out and let them get some exercise. Walking is traditionally the go-to way of doing this, and it’s something that every dog owner should be doing. But another way to burn energy is by letting your dog run around, free range.

A doggie door is nice because it allows the dog to go outside and use up their energy on their own time. You’re a busy person, you’ve got things to do, and sometimes it’s impractical to sit outside playing fetch with your canine companion, especially if you already have walking time booked. Instead, let them go out on their own whim. Let ‘em run around, make a mess, relax in the shade, and when they’re ready, they can come back inside. Such is the beauty of a dog door.

Minimize the Barrier Between Dog and Human

“Okay,” you might be thinking, “so I have a yard. Why can’t I just let the dog out and let them back in when I’m ready?”

There are a few problems with using your own sliding door as a doggie door. Dogs have an amazing level of affection for their owners, and when you close the door on them, they might have fun outside for a while, but many dogs will end up just whimpering outside the window because they want to be back inside with their owners.

A closed door represents an insurmountable barrier between dog and human, and it decreases their morale. On the other hand, leaving the door wide open has its own problems, such as letting bugs in, hot/cold weather, and so on. A doggie door is a good compromise; when your dog knows they’re not blocked off from their owners, they have more peace-of-mind and are likely to have fun playing by themselves outside.

The Benefits of the Pop Up Pet Door

The Pop Up Pet Door is advantageous to dog owners for many reasons. There are countless pet doors on the market, but none that offer so many benefits as the Pop Up Pet Door.

It’s Not Permanent

Let’s take a moment to consider the traditional pet door. Pet doors are usually installed in the door or wall of a home, which is quite a renovation. They’re costly for a reason — you’re quite literally cutting away at the wall and installing a permanent pet door. By all means, traditional dog doors are actually pretty great under the right circumstances. If money isn’t an option, and you have no plans to relocate, a permanent dog door can be an attractive option.

But barring those specific circumstances, there are a few disadvantages to permanent dog doors. They might not even be an option if you’re renting, and they could potentially be a stumbling block for buyers if you ever plan on selling your home. There’s also the question of dog ownership — what happens when your little friend passes on? You may just get a new dog, but if you don’t, now you’ve got a square-shaped hole in your wall forevermore. Permanent dog doors are good for some people, but they’re no match for the portability of the Pop Up Pet Door. You get all of the benefits of a traditional dog door, with none of the disadvantages.

It’s Easy to Set Up and Take Down

While it’s nice for your dog to have autonomous access to the yard, it’s not always desirable. You don’t want them going out at night and having barking sessions with the dog three blocks away. You might want to keep them inside when it’s rainy, lest they track untold amounts of mud inside. There are a hundred more reasons, but the point is this — it’s good to be able to limit access when you want.

Pop Up Pet Door is extremely easy to set up and take down. Once its velcro attachments are installed — which is a one-time process that takes only minutes — it’s as easy as unfolding it and attaching it to the strips. If you don’t feel like letting your dog out, you can simply take it down, close your sliding door, and enjoy an airtight seal.

It’s Lightweight and Easy to Store

We’ve mentioned traditional dog doors, but there is another type of dog door on the market: sliding door inserts. You can get a vertical panel that fits in next to your sliding door, not too dissimilar from our own Pop Up Pet Door. One notable disadvantage, however, is their form factor. Most pet door inserts are big long vertical pieces that can’t be collapsed or minimized. They’re quite useful when they’re serving their purpose, but aside from that, they’re a hassle to deal with.

An 80-inch solid vertical strip isn’t really convenient to store. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, but the weird shape makes it an awkward addition to a closet or room. Pop Up Pet Door, on the other hand, can completely collapse and fold up. It’s not only lightweight, but you can also tuck it away anywhere so that its presence is entirely inconspicuous. The form factor of Pop Up Pet Door is leagues better than any other product on the market. Its ease-of-use makes it an attractive option for pet owners of any age. Even for the old and frail, it’s an exceedingly easy product to use and store.

You Can Take It Anywhere

You might be wondering what the benefit would be of being able to take your pet door anywhere, but hear us out — if you’ve got family or friends who aren’t dog owners, a temporary pet door can be a lifesaver.

You don’t need us to tell you how attached you are to your dog, and vice-versa. If you’ve got friends over who are cool with you bringing your pup over, you’ll love having a Pop Up Pet Door that you can install at a moment’s notice. This gives your dog convenient access to the outdoors, without the need for your friends or relatives to install an actual pet door or micromanage your dog’s activities. It can also be a great option for dog-sitting, should you need to send your canine companion somewhere else.

The only caveat to remember here is that Pop Up Pet Door requires velcro strips for installation. If you want to install it on multiple doors, you’ll need to pick up some more velcro strips. Still though, it’s quite a handy option if you often bring your dog to other people’s homes!

It’s the Most Affordable Pet Door

We’ve listed many advantages to our innovative pet door insert so far, but this one, for many buyers, is the most compelling — it’s by far the most affordable pet door on the market! You’ll be paying less than $100 for Pop Up Pet Door in all of its sizes. Contrast this to other sliding door dog door inserts, and the difference is clear — most dog door inserts will set you back $200 to a whopping $1500.

Traditional dog doors are expensive and some cost even more for installation. which will end up costing you more money than the $300 models mentioned above. If affordability is your primary concern, we can guarantee that there’s no better option for you than Pop Up Pet Door. We want to appeal to all dog owners — not just the ones with a lot of expendable income!

Pop Up Pet Door’s low price point also makes it a great option for gifting. Any dog owner would be happy to have such a useful tool. And, if you really want to go the extra mile as a dog owner, you can order multiple, allowing for installation on several different doors, or to use as backup copies at friends’ and relatives’ houses. This is something you can’t easily do with other pet door inserts, unless you’ve got a whole lot of cash to burn.

It Comes in Multiple Sizes

Dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of them might as well be bears, while others can practically fit inside a drinking glass. It makes sense, then, that you wouldn’t want to overspend on a pet door that’s not fit for your pet.

Pop Up Pet Door comes in four different sizes:

  • Small: 6” x 80”
  • Medium: 8” x 80”
  • Large: 11” x 80”
  • X-Large 14” x 80”

Whether you have a tiny Chihuahua or a beefy Husky, you’ll be able to find a Pop Up Pet Door that suits your dog’s needs.

Pop Up Pet Door Is Gentle for Pets

One downside about normal pet doors, both permanent and inserts alike, is that they tend to use heavy rubber flaps. These flaps create more resistance , and the noises they make can be frightening for pets. Timid dogs often have trouble with dog doors for these reasons, and they can also scare away cats.

Pop Up Pet Door uses a soft fabric material for the pet door, making it much easier to push open, and much more gentle for pets, cats and dogs alike. Not only that, but the flap is also completely removable, allowing your dog to get using to it if need be.

What About Cats?

When the average person thinks of a pet door, they have dogs in mind. This is pretty understandable, given that dogs have a greater need to go outside than cats do. While most cats love a breath of fresh outdoor air, they can realistically spend their entire lives inside and be fine. But if you have kitties that like getting out from time to time, Pop Up Pet Door, once again, is the perfect option.

With cats, it’s generally wise to not give them complete autonomy over their outdoor hours. Cats are extremely nimble and can easily outmaneuver a dog, but there are other predators out there who are capable of hunting them. Coyotes and foxes pose a significant threat to house cats, so it’s good to make sure they aren’t out exploring at night. You can put up your Pop Up Pet Door when you feel like letting your cat go out, and when they come home, you can just as easily take it down.

Ordering Your Pop Up Pet Door

Are you ready to own the most innovative and affordable pet door insert on the market? Our temporary dog door adds a whole layer of convenience that you didn’t even know you were looking for, and we know you won’t regret your purchase once it’s up and installed.

Ordering your Pop Up Pet Door is easy — you can order straight from our website! We accept several different forms of payment, and we ship both locally and internationally. Don’t hesitate to get your own Pop Up Pet Door — visit our shop today!