The Pop-Up Pet Door
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Deserves The Best

This simple solution frameless bottom pet door was designed for our old dog Scout who had hip problems. It enabled him to keep his independence and If you live in a rental space, a dog door is impractical. Luckily, there’s a solution that you can install in less than 5 minutes. For security, simply remove the pop up pet door and close and lock your sliding door.

Create A Happier Home

for you and Your Pet

Unlike other pet doors, Pop Up Pet Door is affordable, convenient, and a non-permanent solution. Use the Pop Up Pet Door on rental suites, apartments, and other places that limit your pet from going outside! In less than five minutes, you could have a pet door that improves your best friend’s quality of life. It’s safe for older pets and pets with hip problems, to keep them independent and give them the freedom to go in and out as they please. Your pet deserves the best, and Pop Up Pet Door is the best you can give them!

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