Pop-Up Pet Door is currently available in three sizes (S/M/L) to accommodate your special pet. Simply UNFOLD and ATTACH to a clean door frame using our strong 3M Velcro, and firmly CLOSE your door against the product.

Once velcro has set, the Pop-Up Pet Door stays in place, even when you are opening and closing your sliding door! You can just as easily un-attach and fold this product. For pets with limited mobility or disabilities, Pop-Up Pet Door was designed for ease of use with no bulky frame to step over. We guarantee your satisfaction!

How Long Does It Take to Ship?
We have TWO fulfillment centers: #1 in Los Angeles, CA and #2 in the United Kingdom. Our shipping team will make sure you to ship your door within 1-2 business days, and email you tracking information once it becomes available.

Do you accept returns? Absolutely, for 30 days. Return Policy

Will it work for my door type?
Works with standard 80" sliding glass and screen doors. Compatibility FAQ

How do I install it? Installation Instructions

I still have more questions!
Kindly visit our FAQs or feel free to email us at

NOTE: The Pop-Up Pet Door is NOT intended for use as a security pet door. Simply pop it up when you need it, and quickly take it down when you leave home.

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