Installation Instructions


Materials Included:

• 1/2" velcro hook: Remove film and attach to the inside top of the screen door track (illustration 2)

• 2” velcro loop: Attach to the top of the Pop Up Pet Door (illustration 2) •

• 1" velcro hook: Remove film and attach to the inside side of the sliding door track (illustration 3)

•1 ½" velcro loop: Attach to the bottom panel of the Pop Up Pet Door, on the side that is facing the side door frame (illustration 3)

• 2.5” removable piece on the side that creates an opening for the screen door latch

• Alcohol to clean the door track (helps Velcro hook to stick better).


Attaching the Flap

Remove the film from the back of the 1" wide velcro loop that is pre-attached to the flap and attach it to the bottom of the pet door. This allows you to adjust the height to where you need it to be. (It is best to allow the bottom of the flap to puddle on the bottom just a bit to hold it in place.)


• It is important to allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully attach. You can attach the pet door right away but if you pull down to remove the pet door and the adhesive has not fully attached it may come down. Just push it back in to place and let it set.
• The Pop Up Pet Door is not intended to be used as a security door.

• Although we use strong marine velcro, velcro by nature does wear out after about 1000 uses. You can purchase replacement materials at a hardware store or from our website. 


    New Installation Instructions and Extras

    We have a NEW installation video to help ensure the Pop Up Pet Door gets installed properly and easily:

    The end of the Pop Up Pet Door that comes with the loop pre-attached is the TOP of the door. Place the 1 inch wide hook into the track (top) of your sliding door with the sticky side of the adhesive facing the inside of your home. You should wait at least 24 hours to let the adhesive set before installing your Pop Up Pet Door and make sure the track is clean and dry before attaching the velcro.

    * Included in this pack are extra pieces of hook and loop. The three 5” pieces are extra side supports. The loop gets attached along the side of your pet door (closest to the door frame) and is best in the middle of the door. The hooks are to be placed in the frame of the door. 1” hook for the sliding door track and 1⁄2” hook for the screen door track. Then attach the loop to the hook for extra support. This is very important for the larger doors.

    * We have included weights in this extra packet. If you find your flaps need more weight.. It’s very easy to do. Just remove the film on the back of the weights and attach the (amount of weights that you need) to the backside of the rubberized logo and with the added weights you should (Not Puddle on the bottom as suggested in the original instructions) The weights contain NO lead.

    * We have included an extra strip of hook for you to use either in a different door or extra support. Cut the length you need and save the rest. The adhesive on this newly added strip of hook is SUPER strong and works really well in humid areas. Make sure the surface is clean and DRY before attaching it and let it set for at least 24 hours to cure properly.

    We highly recommend adding ¼” weatherseal and a security bar. This will help to support and stabilize the Pop Up Pet Door.

    One of the best features of this simple Pet Door is that it can be modified. You can use a rose trimmer (to snip the sides) and box cutter to cut the plastic panel to make modifications where needed to fit your door (however, if you do modify the Pop Up Pet Door it will be considered non-refundable).

    Use in a Window:
    If you are buying the 6” Pop Up Pet Door for a cat, you can also use this Pet Door in a window. Measure the height of the window and determine how many panels you would need (keeping the loop at the top). Then just separate the panels, attach the flap and use the hook and loop system in the top of the track just like you would in a sliding door. Once you separate the panels, it is very difficult to put them back together, so make sure you measure twice and separate once. You can buy a sliding window lock at any hardware store. (If you separate the panels, it will be considered a modification and non-refundable.