Pop-Up Pet Door is pleased to offer our new Mid-Century Modern Style Clear polycarbonate 74"-76" inches tall Patio Doors for Mobile Homes. It's Foldable, No Tools Required for Installation Pet Door that has Our Signature Frameless Design for Old Dogs. This Specialty Design Pet Door is made in the USA and includes our new clear weighted flap to make it easier for your pet.  The Pet Opening for the 74" tall patio door is 7.5" wide x 14" tall.  Perfect for small and medium sized dogs.  It folds up flat for easy storage and transportation.  The lightweight Pet Door is held in place with our strategically placed velcro hidden in the track of your door  Pop it in when you need it and take it down, fold it up and store it when you don't.   This door is not to be used as a security door as it does not have a locking mechanism.   We do suggest using a security bar to help provide it with extra support and safety.

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