This simple pet door was designed to be easily installed in seconds without any tools as it is held in with a strong strategically placed strip of Military strength Velcro....  Its lightweight and folding feature allows you to quickly uninstall it, fold it up and store it when you need to close and lock your sliding door completely.  One of my favorite features is if you have an odd size or shorter than the standard 80" tall door height, you can easily modify this door to fit.  The 10mm thick coroplast panels can be easily trimmed or modified using a box cutter.   This Pet Door was also designed for our old dog Scout who had hip problems.  The frameless bottom allowed him to keep his indepence and kept us from having to get up and down every 5 minutes to let him out, while keeping our home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.   The Pop-Up Pet Door works in both the sliding glass and screen door tracks.  In the nicer weather months I love using it in the screen door track to allow fresh air to come in.   It's pretty much the best Pet Door Insert at an affordable price.  We offer many sizes and custom available

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