Custom Pop-Up Pet Doors- How they are made and how they work. Please read carefully.

Thank you for ordering a Pop Up Pet Door.  A few things about our simple pet door insert. First off, I have been making them by hand in my workshop for over three years and have thousands of very happy customers. I use a strong white seaming tape to create the hinging system and it works really well. It is super strong and allows it to fold up flat for easy transport and storage. Because I make them all by hand in my workshop I ask that you please re-measure the height of your door frame and the height and width of your pet. When you are measuring, please also measure the depth of the groove along the track of your door frame and the groove in the door itself. For example; If your groove is ½” deep, then the total width of the pet opening for an 8” door will be 7 ½” wide. If you have a groove also in the sliding door itself, then the width will also need to be reduced by the depth of that groove. Some doors have grooves and some don’t. You should also measure the height and width of your pet. We just want to make sure we get it right the first time. Because they are made all by hand in my workshop, they are considered a Special Order and not refundable. We will add you to the production schedule as soon as we get your measurements confirmation. They can also take up to two weeks to make. It doesn't usually take that long, but I need to give myself a buffer when I get swamped with orders or have to order materials. I am always available for questions or concerns. If you need help figuring out what size you need or even how to install it properly, please feel free to ask. I ask that you please reply to this email with confirmation that you have read and understand the conditions and confirm the size you ordered is the correct size you need. Once I receive your confirmation, I will get busy making your door.