Installation Instructions

1Clean Your Door Frame Open your sliding glass door and wipe down the inside of your door frame. Make sure it is clean and dry before beginning.

2. Attach The Top Of Your Pop Up Pet Door to The Top Of Your Door Frame Included in the baggie you will find 1 piece of ½” velcro hook the same width of your door– remove the film and place this in the top track of your screen door.  Your Pop Up Pet Door will have one piece of 1” velcro hook that comes pre-attached to the top. Remove the film from this piece of velcro and place it in the track of your sliding glass door. Then attach the top of your Pop Up Pet door to the velcro hook. Press firmly so both pieces of velcro stick together.  It is best to let the velcro hook set for a few hours so that the 3m adhesive can get a good grip.  If it does come down, just push it back in and let it set.

3Attach The Side Of Your Pop Up Pet Door To The Side Track Of Your Door  Take the 1” velcro hook piece and place it in the inside side track of your sliding door, and near the middle of the bottom Pop Up Pet Door panel. The velcro loop should be placed on the side of the pet door so that it attaches to the velcro hook. Press the hook and look velcro together.

4. Close Your Door Once your Pop Up Pet Door is securely in place with velcro, close your sliding glass door. It is a good idea to have a security bar or sliding door lock on the backside of the door to put pressure on it. You can pick one up at most hardware stores.

5. Adjust Flap Height (Optional) 1/2” hook velcro comes pre-attached to the flap.  To make a height adjustment, first hold up the flap to see what final height is needed. It’s best to let the flap puddle on the bottom a little, (this helps it to stay weighed down). Mark your desired height with a pen. Then, remove the film from the 1 ½” velcro loop, ( included in the baggie)  attach it to the door panel, and attach the flap.