Question: I don’t always need a pet door. If I don’t want it up, what do I do with it?

Answer: One of the best parts about the Pop Up Pet Door is that it easily folds up for storage. Pop it up only when you need it!

Question: Is it washable?

Answer: Yes. It’s 100% washable.

Question: How heavy is it?

Answer: It’s less than 3 pounds

Question: Can this be used as a security door?

Answer: No. It is not intended to be used a security door.

Question: I see in your installation instructions that a security bar or sliding door lock should be used. Why?

Answer: Because the bottom is frameless, it is a good idea to have something like a sliding door lock or security bar to put pressure on the pet door and help support it. If you are using the 6″ or 8” door, a security bar also helps to keep unwanted intruders out. (Again, the Pop Up Pet Door is not intended to be used as a security pet door.)

Question: I see you have to attach a piece of hook velcro to the inside of the frame. Will it affect my door?

Answer: Nope. You won’t even really see it or notice it is there. Your door slides right over it.

Question: If I open my door, will the Pop Up Pet Door stay up?

Answer: Yes. It stays securely attached even when you open your door.

Will The Pop Up Pet Door Fit My Door?

Question: My door is less than 80” tall. It’s only 78”, Will it still work?

Answer: Yes. You can adjust the height of the flap up by 2 inches.

Question: My door is really tall. I think its over 94 inches. Do you offer other sizes?

Answer: Yes. We can make any size. However, it would be considered a custom order and could take a couple weeks. If you are okay with that, then send us an email with the size you need and we will reply with a quote. Custom orders are more expensive and are non-refundable.

Question: Does the Pop Up Pet Door work with a sliding door or a swing out door?

Answer: It works with your glass sliding or sliding screen doors only. NOT with a swing out door.

Will My Pet Use My Pop Up Pet Door?

Question: I’ve been wanting to find a door that my cat will use. But they are nervous using one.

Answer: By nature, cats don’t like things that startle them. Most flaps will slap them on the behind after they have gone through the doors. Because of the soft material we use on our flaps, this does not happen. Cats love it. You can also remove the flap for training.

Question: My pet is afraid of pet doors. How do I get them to use it?

Answer: My dog was afraid of pet doors too. I made this one so that you can easily remove the flap to allow the pet to get used to it. Once they are used to going in and out, you can then re-attach the flap.


Question: I received my new Pop Up Pet Door but I ordered the wrong size. Now what?

Answer: If you let us know within our 30-day guarantee we will ask you to send it back to us and then have you reorder the correct size.

Question: My Velcro doesn’t seem to be working anymore. What should I do?

Answer: If you put your pet door up and down several times a day, eventually the velcro loop starts to wear out. Velcro does start to lose its ability to attach after many uses. If you start to notice it is not staying attached as it should you may need to replace the loop velcro. You can buy this at any local craft or hardware store.